Thank you PENC administrators, for working hard to make membership fees affordable. Like most of my teacher colleagues, I initially joined PENC because my principal told me I needed additional insurance coverage and legal representation, in the event of a law suit. A retired principal/friend encouraged me to join PENC, and I’ve been a member ever since. I don’t remember the year I first joined PENC, but I do remember that the reason I joined was because PENC’s membership fee for a teacher was less than half the cost of it’s competitor’s. Thank you again for working hard to keep PENC’s membership fees low. Knowing I had the support of PENC gave me great peace of mind throughout my career as a teacher/coach, assistant principal, principal, and transportation director.

Jim, Wilson County

“I would like to take this time to tell you about someone within your organization that made a difference in my life at a time when everything was upside down and out of my control. She is an attorney that is contracted through PENC to assist PENC members when they are at a place in their lives where they can’t help themselves and she went above and beyond to be there for me.  After a false accusation against me,  I called this attorney and she was the most wonderful person that I could have possibly spoken to at that moment in time.  She was an absolute God send. She gave me her office number and other ways of getting in touch with her anytime that I needed her.  She was the calm in the middle of my storm.  She handled all of the paperwork that was required for my appeal to the county’s school board and was with me every step of the way. I also have to extend my thanks and appreciation to PENC for having such reputable, professional and caring persons that we as members can turn to for assistance and understanding. I will never be a member of another organization and will encourage others to be a part of this wonderful organization.”

Renee, Caldwell County

“I so appreciate your response to my question and am most impressed with the rapid response your organization provided. Good customer service is a rare thing these days, so I applaud you and your team for doing what you promise and doing it so pleasantly!”

Kimberly, Hyde County

“I want to thank PENC for your support and for helping me feel that everything will work out. Your calm advice and reassurance helped me to weather my storm. In my humble opinion, as my students would say, you ROCK! Thank you more than I can express with my rather advanced vocabulary.”

Linda, Wake County

“You were very instrumental in the outcome of my issue at school. I followed all of your advice. My principal sent a letter to the parent who threatened me and since then I have received a call from the mother with an apology. The dues I pay PENC are worth every penny knowing I have some support.”

Mary, Bumcombe County

“PENC consistently provides a system of support and coverage that you can trust and believe in. They empower educators and encourage them to strive towards improving the quality of education in their classrooms, schools, and communities. I firmly believe PENC is the best professional organization for teachers.”


“I just wanted to take a minute to RAVE (in a good way) about Glennda and the National Board Workshops PENC provides. Once again, she has uplifted me in this process and provided a wealth of information to assist me to be successful. She is a keeper! Thank you so much for providing this opportunity and having such a wonderful resource such as Mrs. McKeithan.”

Joan, Chatham County

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