October 28, 2019

Legislative Update

The Senate took up and approved HB 377. This bill is part of the piecemeal budget process which legislators have employed to fund several items that were in the initial budget, which was vetoed by the Governor.

HB 377 includes funding to cover the experience-based step increases for teachers, assistant principals, and other school personnel eligible for step increases. However, the bill does not provide any across the board pay increases for teachers. (The Senate explained that there had not been an agreement with the House on the amount for raises for teachers and that it is soon to come). In addition, the bill does fund principal raises and bonuses as were outlined in the original budget, which passed in July but has since then been in limbo because of the veto. This bill, HB 377, still must be approved by the House and signed by the governor.

In other news pertaining to the perspective override of the governor’s veto, the Senate calendar includes a session on Monday night to consider an override of the governor’s veto of the budget. Passage of the override would give teachers, retirees, and non-certified personnel the raises that were initially in the state budget. However, this does not mean that Senate leaders have the votes to override or that they will even attempt it.

We will keep you posted as these two issues are considered this week.

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