October 14, 2019

Legislative Update

Since the last PENC Legislative Update, the legislature has yet to pass a state budget.

As a reminder, the House did perform an override of the governor’s veto of the budget, but the Senate has not. Since then, the legislature has taken a week’s hiatus, and upon returning the last couple of weeks, we have seen more piecemeal budgets pass through the chambers.

With that being said, a piecemeal budget has not materialized for K-12 Education, though we are hearing that there may be one in the works coming soon.

As Legislators continue to work on the piecemeal process, we have heard that the Senate is still trying to corral enough votes to perform the veto override in their chamber.

The Legislature will not be in session the week of October 14th but will be returning for the week of October 21st.

We understand educators desperately want details as to when and if things are going to happen. Please know we will continue to monitor developments, and when there is activity, we will let you know.

Stay tuned…

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