May 6, 2019

Legislative Update

The following is an overview of recent North Carolina General Assembly activity of interest to stakeholders of public education in North Carolina.

 Updated May 6th, 2019

  1.  HB 966 The NC House approves a budget plan. The proposal approved late last week now goes to the Senate.  Although no timetable is set, House leaders believe that they are ahead of schedule in handing off the budget to the Senate and are hopeful that negotiations could be wrapped up within a few weeks after the Senate reveals their priorities. This is all subject to the potential of a veto by the governor.

Budget Highlights

The House budget adds an additional $700 million dollars over the last biennium budget. That is an increase of just over 3 per cent.

Included in the budget is a teacher pay raise of an average of 4.6% (beginning Jan. 2020).

The House budget re-instates the popular Teaching Fellows program for candidates seeking to teach in Special Education or Stem.

The House budget re-instates masters pay for qualifying teachers.

Regarding principal and assistant principal pay, the House budget re-instates experience as a component of the formula for principal pay and ties principal pay raises to future teacher pay raises moving forward. The adjusted averages for salary increases for Jan. 2020 would be around 6.3% for Assistant Principals and 10% for Principals.

The House budget gives teachers $145 for school supplies in year one of the biennium.  Legislators indicated that it would increase to $400 in year two when they return for short session next year.   The entire appropriation was funded with new money and did not transfer funds from the current supply allotment.

The House budget proposal allocates $60 million dollars for school safety, resources, personnel, and mental health services.

Below is a link to the budget breakdown site developed by the State Board of Education and the Department of Public Instruction. This site will provide base category expenditures and at the bottom of the expense summary of shows the proposed teacher salary adjustments from the House Budget.

In addition, several special provisions (covered in the last PENC update) were included. Some of those included in the budget bill are listed below.

1. School Safety Grant Programs

2. 15 point grading scale for school assessments under the NC School Report Card

3. Financial Literacy and Economics course requirements (to be determined by the State Board)

The crossover deadline is set for May 9th which usually means that non-finance related bills that have not received approval from either the House or Senate, will likely not move forward. However, even those provisions are often subject to change. We will update you on which education-related bills met the crossover deadline in the next update.

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