March 10, 2020

Legislative Update

We are quickly approaching the short session that will begin in late April. The only education action that is occurring during this brief interim is in the Education Oversight Committee. The committee had its second meeting last week on March 6th. The committee continued to discuss child nutrition and then transitioned to discuss Perkins Reauthorization and Career and Technical Education.

PENC has been working beyond just attending oversight meetings. This work includes visiting education committee chairs and committee members in their respective districts to discuss how the budget stalemate continues to negatively hurt our children, schools, and educators. Thus far we have spoken to:

Representative Jeffrey Elmore, Education Appropriations and Policy Chair

Representative Craig Horn, Education Appropriations and Policy Chair

Senator Deanna Ballard, Education Appropriations and Policy Chair

Representative Graig Meyer

Representative Ashton Clemmons

In addition to meeting with legislators, PENC attended the Eggs and Issues breakfast hosted by Public School Forum. The issues and priorities presented were:

Priority 1: Redesign our school finance system to dramatically improve adequacy, equity, and flexibility.

Priority 2: Overhaul educator compensation, recruitment, and professional development strategies.

Priority 3: Revamp our school accountability model and eliminate or revise the A-F school grading system.

Priority 4: Support a major state investment to fully fund North Carolina’s $8 billion school infrastructure needs.

Priority 5:  Establish a plan to monitor progress toward Leandro compliance.

Again, PENC knows that this school year has been challenging. The lack of a budget has meant a lack of funding for our schools, no pay raises for teachers, and a failure to make our legislative priorities law. We will continue to do our best and let lawmakers know how this is impacting you.

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