2019 Legislative Updates
December 11, 2019

  • Closing out the long session

November 19, 2019

November 13, 2019

November 5, 2019

  • Budget update
  • House Bill 377
  • Senate Bill 354

October 28, 2019

  • HB 377

October 14, 2019

September 13, 2019

  • Override Govenor’s budget
  • State budget that affects public education

August 26, 2019

  • Excellent Public Schools Act
  • Governor Cooper’s Veto Document
  • Testing Reduction Act of 2019

August 6, 2019

  • Repeal Risky Retirement Payments
  • Charter School Changes
  • An Act to Make Various Changes to Local Standards of Student Conduct

Jully 22, 2019

  • Read to Achieve II

July 17, 2019

  • Overview of recent General Assembly activity

July 1, 2019

  • Budget update
  • Final review of budget
  • Salary schedule
  • Other items sent to the Govenor

June 27, 2019

  • Budget update

June 24, 2019

  • Budget update
  • 15-point scale
  • Items seeing recent action
  • Items sent to the Governor

June 18, 2019

  • Budget negotiations
  • Education legislation seeing action

June 13, 2019

  • Highlights from Senate budget

May 31, 2019

  • Recent bill overviews

May 6, 2019

  • Overview of the recent General Assembly Activity
  • Budget highlights

April 30, 2019 

  • Salary proposal
  • School supply monies
  • Bills that passed

March 27, 2019, Legislative Day & Update

  • Education Bills in Committee
  • News Alert
  • PENC Legislative Day

March 13, 2019

  • Governor’s  Budget
  • Bills in Committee
  • Legislative Priorities

February 11, 2019

  • General Assembly Convenes
  • 2019-2021 Legislative Priorities
  • Early February Update
    • Masters Pay

2018 Issues

PENC Legislative Work

PENC Executive Director, Bill Medlin, and lobbyist, Bryan Holloway, have recently met with several legislators to generate an open dialogue to advocate on behalf of teachers and students across North Carolina.

Pictured above from left to right: PENC Executive Director Bill Medlin, Senator Jerry Tillman Finance Chairman; former Education Chair of Senate.

Pictured above from left to right: PENC lobbyist Bryan Holloway, PENC Executive Director Bill Medlin, and Representative Jeffrey Elmore.

Pictured above from left to right: Representative Graig Meyer, Bryan Holloway, PENC Executive Director Bill Medlin.

Pictured above: Representative Pat Hurley reviewing PENC legislative priorities with PENC Executive Director Bill Medlin and Bryan Holloway.

Pictured above from left to right: Bryan Holloway, Representative Edward Hanes, and PENC Executive Director Bill Medlin.

Pictured above: Representative Kyle Hall is the son of two retired educators; he Chairs the Environment and Natural Resources Appropriations. Bryan Holloway and Executive Director Bill Medlin working hard on behalf of educators across North Carolina.

June 13, 2018 Legislative Update

  • Note from Executive Director
  • Budget summary
  • School safety
  • Other budget items

April 17, 2018 Legislative Update

  • The division of local school administrative units
  • School safety
  • School funding

As the short season is on the horizon-May 16th, 2018, Executive Director Bill Medlin, sits down with PENC lobbyist, Bryan Holloway to discuss legislative updates. Our full update can be read below.

June 19, 2017 Legislative Update
  • 2017 Crossover Deadline
  • Enacted Bills 2017
  • Policy Bills Which Have Met “Crossover”
  • Other Bills to Watch in 2017
June 5, 2017 Legislative Update
  • House Budget Released
May 4, 2017 Legislative Update
  • Crossover Deadline
  • Several Education Bills Make it in the Nick of Time
April 26, 2017 Legislative Update
  • Class Size – A Fix Has Been Found
April 13, 2017 Legislative Update
  • Education Issues Are on the Move
March 14, 2017 Legislative Update
  • Recent Updates
  • Additional Education Related Bills
February 8, 2017 Legislative Update
  • PENC Sets its 2017 Legislative Priorities
  • K-3 Class Size Issue & Appointment of NC Education Leaders
December 20, 2016 Legislative Update
  • Special Session
  • Moving Forward
July 1, 2016 Legislative Update
  • House and Senate Reach Budget Agreement
  • Achievement School Districts
June 6, 2016 Legislative Update
  • Senate Releases Budget
  • Achievement School Districts
  • Protect Students in Schools
  • Math Standard Course of Study Revisions
May 27, 2016 Legislative Update
  • The Start of the 2016 Short Session
  • Senate Educator Pay Increase
  • Retirement Creditable Service Charter Schools
  • Achievement School Districts
  • IRC Update/$250 Classroom Expense Tax Deduction
May 19, 2016 Legislative Update – House Budget Update
  • Background and Process
  • Salary Increases
  • Special Provisions
May 3, 2016 Legislative Update
  • General Assembly Returns to Raleigh
  • Governor’s Education Budget Recommendations
  • Concerns Voiced From Legislators
  • Internal Revenue Code Update
  • Education Bills Introduced in the House and Senate

2015 Issues

October 1, 2015 Legislative Update
  • General Assembly Adjourns
  • Final Push to Pass Charters’ Takeover of Failing Schools and to Grow Demand for Vouchers Fail
  • Thank YOU PENC Members!
  • Legislative Summary to be Posted
September 18, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Budget Agreement Will Become Law
  • Personal Education Plans’ Debate Continues – In the Press
September 11, 2015 Legislative Update
  • No Budget Yet, But Rumors of Agreement Raise Hope
August 28, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Another Deadline, Another Temporary Budget Extension
August 21, 2015 Legislative Update
  • No Budget Yet; Agreement on Spending Target
August 17, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Lawmakers OK 2nd Temporary Budget
  • State Health Plan Updates
  • Lots of Legislative Activity, but No Budget
  • Senate Begins Budget Bartering with Referenda, Tax Proposals, and Medicaid Reform
August 7, 2015 Legislative Update
  • PENC Budget Position Sent to Governor, Legislators
  • New PENC Board Members Head to Heart of NC Government
  • Lots of Legislative Activity, but No Budget
  • House OKs Bonds to Address Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, Road Needs
  • Bills to Move Charter School Office, Ban School Board Lawsuits Head for Conference
  • Executive Cabinet Shuffle
July 31, 2015 Legislative Update
  • No Visible Budget Progress
July 24, 2015 Legislative Update
  • NC Supreme Court Sustains Vouchers for Private Schools
  • No Visible Budget Progress
  • Several Education Bills Approved and Moved Through Final Senate Committee Meetings
July 17, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Recess in Rearview Mirror, Budget Work Slow to Start
July 2, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Temporary Budget is Law
  • Lawmakers on Recess July 3-13
June 26, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Temporary Budget to be Enacted While Work on Final Budget Ensues
June 19, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Senate Rewrites House Budget
  • Agreement Reached on Collection of Teacher Attrition Data
June 5, 2015 Legislative Update
  • NC Court of Appeals Rules Tenure Repeal Unconstitutional
  • PENC Requested Repeal of Personal Education Plan Signed by Gov. McCrory
  • Senate Budget Work Continues Behind Closed Doors
  • House Approves Senate Revisions to Teacher Attrition Data
May 26, 2015 Legislative Update
  • PENC Requested Repeal of Personal Education Plan Goes to Gov. McCrory
  • House Completes Budget Work: Next Step – Senate Response, Rewrite
May 4, 2015 Legislative Update
  • House Lawmakers Focus Next on the State Budget Process
  • Bill That Would Roll-Out Performance Pay Pulled from House Calendar
  • Bill to Limit Political Speech from School Employees Passes Senate
  • Many Education Bills Survive Crossover Frenzy
  • PENC Bill Tracking Update
April 27, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Bill That Would Roll-Out Performance Pay Clears House Committee
  • Duty Free Lunch and End to NC Final Exams Bills Slated for House Hearing
  • Update to School Safety Measures Approved in 2013 Clears Committee
  • Bill to Limit Political Speech by School Employees Under Review
  • PENC Bill Tracking Update
April 17, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Long Days, Lots of Bills Filed
  • PENC-Requested Repeal of Personal Education Plans Passes the House
  • Senate Panel Considers Making Assault on a Teacher a Felony
March 27, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Busy Week on Jones Street Concludes with Senate Bill Deadline
  • PENC-Requested Bills to Require Duty-Free Time to be Heard March 31
  • Agreement Reached on Gas Tax Changes/Restoration of Teacher Tax Deduction
  • State Health Plan Fix for Rehired Retired Workers OK’d by Senate
March 24, 2015 Legislative Update
  • PENC-Requested Bills to Require Duty-Free Time and Reduce Educators’ Paperwork Filed in House
  • Bill to Require Art Education OK’d by House
March 9, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Governor McCrory Releases Proposed Biennial Budget
  • Lawmakers Scramble to Make Up Lost Time
February 27, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Mother Nature Sets Back Legislative Activity Another Week
  • Counties’ Plans for Differentiated Pay Posted
  • Bill Filed to Pump Up Principal Pay
February 20, 2015 Legislative Update
  • Ice, Sleet, Snow and Cold Slow General Assembly’s Activities
February 5, 2015 Legislative Update
  • DPI Posted School Grades February 5
  • Gov. McCrory Proposes to Boost Starting Teacher Salaries, Cut Tests
February 2, 2015 Legislative Update
  • DPI to Post School Grades February 5
  • General Assembly Convenes 2015 “Long” Session
  • Bills Filed that Address Curriculum, Calendar, and Health Benefits
  • Governor McCrory to Deliver State of the State Message
  • PENC’s Legislative Priorities Approved

2014 Issues

August 2, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Budget Bill Approved by Senate & House – Gov. McCrory Says He’ll Sign It
  • Salary and Compensation Issues
  • PENC’s Perspective
July 25, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Lawmakers Pushing in Private to Complete Budget
  • House Mourns Passing of Rep. Jim Fulghum
July 18, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Same Song, Second Verse: Budget Stalemate Continues
  • Gov. McCrory Says He’ll OK Common Core Compromise
July 11, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Budget Stalemate Continues
  • Gov. McCrory Says He’ll Veto Senate Version of Budget
  • PENC’s Perspective
  • Compromise Reached on Common Core Repeal
June 27, 2014 Legislative Update
  • PENC Communicates Support of House Plan for Teacher Pay
  • Gov. McCrory Teams with House to Offer Budget-Lite in Face of Stalemate
  • State Budget Director Grilled about Medicaid Projections
  • Senate Rejects House Rewritten Common Core Bill
  • House Approves Charter Schools Changes
June 20, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Conferees Appointed to Resolve Differences between Senate, House Budgets
  • House Rewrites Common Core Bill
June 13, 2014 Legislative Update
  • House Rewrites and Approves Senate Budget – Conference Commences Next Week
  • House Budget Agrees with PENC Request to Reject Senate Teacher Pay Plan
  • PENC’s Perspective
  • Thank You!
June 6, 2014 Legislative Update
  • PENC Asks House to Reject Senate Teacher Pay Plan
  • Common Core Changes Considered by Senate, House
  • Read to Achieve Changes Awaiting Gov. McCrory’s Signature
May 30, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Senate Budget Steamrolls Through
  • PENC’s Perspective
May 28, 2014 Legislative Update
  • State Senate Unveils New Teacher Pay Plan – But With Strings Attached
  • PENC’s Perspective
May 23, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Legislative Short Session off to Fast Start
  • Budget Battle Brewing
  • Court Actions Overturn Tenure Repeal and Reinstate Vouchers
  • Legislation Filed to Restore Master’s Pay, Continue Educator Compensation Study
May 12, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Education/Educators Involved in State Legislative Activity – Making Headlines
  • PENC’s Perspective
January 24, 2014 Legislative Update
  • Gov. McCrory Promises to Raise Teacher Pay, Hold Charter Schools Accountable
  • PENC Members Appointed to Panel to Consider Teacher Pay
  • PENC Speaks at Public Hearing on Teacher Contracts

2013 Issues

September 18, 2013 Legislative Update
  • A Look at the Bumpy Ride that Was the NC Legislative Session of 2013
  • Education Reforms Railroaded Through Senate, House
  • PENC Advocates with Members for Members
  • Bills and Discussions
July 26, 2013 Legislative Update
  • McCrory Signs Budget
  • Provides NO Salary Increase, Eliminates Tenure, and Implements Ed Reforms
July 22, 2013 Legislative Update
  • Senate and House Release Budget
  • Provides NO Salary Increase, Eliminates Tenure, and Implements Ed Reforms
July 8, 2013 Legislative Update
  • Budget Conference, At a Standstill; Tax Reform Inches Ahead
  • PENC Asks Budget Conferees to Find Money for Teacher Raises and To Reconsider Reforms
June 24, 2013 Legislative Update
  • Budget Goes to Conference Committee
  • Tax Reform in Limbo
  • Senate OKs Bill to Refund Substitute Teacher Fees When One Isn’t Hired
June 8, 2013 Legislative Update
  • House Releases Its Budget Plan
  • House Education Spending Plan is Very Different from Senate’s
May 20, 2013 Legislative Update
  • Senate Budget Release Unveils Education Reforms; No Salary Increase
  • Voucher Bill Hearing May 21
May 13, 2013 Legislative Update
  • Looming Crossover Date sets stage for Dizzying Week
  • Voucher Bill Hearing Rumored
April 18, 2013 Legislative Update
  • House Approves Reform Bill
  • Other Education Reforms Continue on Path toward Senate Approval
  • Senate Proposes to Eliminate Cap on Classroom Size
April 8, 2013 Legislative Update
  • Education Issues Addressed by Two Branches of NC Government in One Day
  • Senate-proposed Education Reforms for 2013
  • School Safety
  • Deductions for Personal Leave ONLY when a Substitute is Hired
March 20, 2013 Legislative Update
  • Education Issues Addressed by Two Branches of NC Government in One Day
  • Senate-proposed Education Reforms for 2013
  • School Safety
  • Deductions for Personal Leave ONLY when a Substitute is Hired
March 1, 2013 Legislative Update
  • Speaker Tillis Hosts Education Week at the House of Representatives
  • Budget Discussions Move from K-12 to Community Colleges
  • Will Cursive Writing and “Times Tables” Return to NC Curriculum?
February 18, 2013 Legislative Update
  • General Assembly Approves CTE Access Bill
  • Education Budget Review – Master’s and NBCT Differentials Questioned
February 11, 2013 Legislative Update
  • General Assembly Convenes 2013 “Long” Session
  • PENC Legislative Agenda Approved