February 12, 2020

Legislative Update

The legislature held their first Education Oversight Committee meeting last week in Raleigh. The committee meeting, as a whole, was not eventful due to the fact that there was no discussion on the budget stalemate that is negatively impacting our schools.

The agenda included an overview of the Educator Preparation Program (H107) and information about child nutrition. Though these subjects are very important, these subjects are probably not at the forefront of educators’ minds.

PENC did sit down to again discuss retroactive pay for teachers, and retro appropriations for local budgets. In short, if a budget agreement comes to pass, teachers will still receive retroactive pay for the raise that was placed in the budget. However, since legislators will not return until late April for the short session, it will be later this fall and into a new school year before the pay could be received. The staff explanation for the delay is it would take that long to get the money processed.

Our discussion then moved to local budgets. If an agreement or override occurs, the LEA’s will receive their funds retroactively. However, since their funds revert on a calendar year, further legislation will be needed to allow them to keep it. We will keep you posted and let you know if we hear of any progress moving a budget.

Thanks for what you do, and we realize this is uncharted territory. We are letting our legislators know how this stalemate continues to impact you. Also, we are driving to lawmakers’ districts to have sit-down discussions about the situation. Hopefully, the issue will be resolved in April.

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