December 11, 2019

Legislative Update

Season’s Greeting PENC Members!

As 2019 is coming to an end, the long session of this legislative year will continue its stalemated and unforeseeable resolve into 2020.  The legislative session has certainly been long and increasingly frustrating for educators in North Carolina.  Unfortunately, the legislature and the governor have spent most of the year arguing, leaving teachers and school systems with uncertainty regarding salaries and local budgets.  We do, however, appreciate the top leaders in the legislature and the governor’s office reaching out to PENC often to inquire about our members’ perspectives on the politics impacting education from Raleigh.

PENC consistently advocates for the highest pay increases possible, and we continue to encourage both sides to bring this impasse to a close.  Without question, PENC will always have a full plate of issues that we put before our elected officials in Raleigh.  We will always fight for the respect and resources you deserve. Our lobbying team will be reporting back in the New Year when legislators return on January 14th.  Hopefully, the budget stalemate will be ended by our state leaders, and we can set our focus and efforts on the short session, which is scheduled to begin in May.

Until that time, PENC would like to extend our most sincere wishes and goodwill for a wonderful holiday season.

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