June 18, 2019

Legislative Update

The NC House and NC Senate budget negotiations officially began the week of June 10th.  We could see a budget negotiated soon, but it is always possible that negotiations could go into July. Remember that both budgets are very different.  I will be updating you as soon as more details come to light.

Education legislation seeing action:

S219  Teacher Licensure

The Senate rejected this bill after receiving what appeared to be earlier approval and House approval most recently. Supporters noted that this bill would offer additional flexibility for LEAs to address key shortages of teachers by offering limited provisional licensure paths. Opponents were concerned about lowering teaching licensure standards. With the Senate’s non-concurrence, the changes in the provisional licensure process are unlikely.

SB366 10th Grade/College Transfer Pathways

This bill, which was approved by the Senate, would offer further flexibility to LEAs and community colleges regarding pathways for sophomore students to earn college credit for trades and work-related fields, expanding the current relationship between high schools and community colleges.

SB399  Re-hire High Need Teachers

This bill would allow some flexibility to LEAs to re-hire recently retired teachers in high-need areas (with specific rules regarding salary and without impact on retirement payments).

HB 57  Create Term for Public Schools & Codify NC Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS)

Some of our member’s contract with NCVPS and most schools offers NCVPS courses. HB 57 sets additional parameters for how NCVPS operates, offers staff development and develops teacher pay rates and criteria.

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