July 22, 2019

Legislative Update

The following is an overview of recent North Carolina General Assembly activity of interest to stakeholders of public education in North Carolina.

The NC General Assembly has not yet scheduled a vote to attempt an override of the Governor’s veto of the budget. One can assume that at this point, the Republicans do not have the votes to override. As of this moment, it is unsure when or if a budget override vote may be scheduled.

The most noteworthy item seeing business last week and which will continue to see action this week is the legislation commonly known as Read to Achieve Part II  SB 438. The Senate had previously approved this bill with very little debate.  However, the House saw push-back from Democrats on the House floor on Thursday. After a 3rd reading objection and a closer vote than expected, the final floor vote has been moved to next week. It is interesting that the Democrats are now resisting the bill given the current climate between the Governor and the Legislature and the veto override.

We will continue to keep an eye on things and see if there is any movement on education-related items and the budget this week.

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