July 25, 2014 Legislative Update

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  1. Lawmakers Pushing in Private to Complete Budget
  2. House Mourns Passing of Rep. Jim Fulghum

Lawmakers Pushing in Private to Complete Budget

While House Members were absent from Raleigh during much of the week of July 21, Senators waded through substantive bills that remained on its docket. House members returned to work July 24, generating a flurry of activity that typically comes with the end of session. The usual harbinger – the technical corrections bill – emerged in the House Rules Committee and was being debated by the full House within hours on July 25.

Behind the scenes, budget conferees met privately to try to resolve the budget stalemate. Rumors were the primary source of information. What appears to be clear is that teachers’ salary increases will not likely fall below 6 percent and could be as high as 7 percent, if all parties can agree on a final budget. It also appears that the allotment to pay for teacher assistants may be sustained for this year, but whether all or part is recurring funding is unclear.

Our hope is that the next legislative update will be a report about the final budget – with good news.

House Mourns Passing of Rep. Jim Fulghum

Rep. Jim Fulghum, M.D., (R-Wake) passed away July 19 after a recent cancer diagnosis. Dr. Fulghum was a neurosurgeon in Raleigh, NC for more than 30 years. He served his country and community in many ways, including being in the Army Reserves for 18 years, having served as a field surgeon during Operation Desert Storm.  He had a long time interest in politics, particularly as it affected health care. In 2012, he acted on that interest and ran for election to the NC House of Representatives, where he served until his death. Dr. Fulghum leaves a loving family to mourn him: his wife of 47 years, Mary Susan Fulghum, M.D.; daughters Emily Roberson and Molly Fulghum Heintz; their husbands, Dr. Patrick Roberson and Jens Holms, respectively; and their children, Margaret Josephine Roberson and Kirk Fulghum Holms. PENC extends condolences to his family and friends.

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