Who Can Join PENC?2019-05-01T19:31:23+00:00

Teachers, administrators, support staff, College/University Professors, College/University Students, teacher assistants, coaches, custodians, bus drivers, substitute teachers, retired school employees and all other school personnel.

Am I Covered If I Join After A Situation Occurs At School?2019-05-01T19:33:26+00:00

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer liability cover or employment support/legal counsel if the situation you need assistance with has occurred before you became a member with PENC. However, you are eligible to take advantage of all other member benefits such as scholarship and grants, discounts and deals, professional development and more!

I Have Heard That PENC Has A Reimbursement Program For Members. Can You Tell Me More About This?2019-05-01T19:25:17+00:00

Member referrals are the biggest compliment you could give us at PENC! We have recently restructured our referral program to offer cash back upon referring colleagues to join as PENC members AND implemented an additional cash bonus for the summer in a tiered structure based on total number of referrals during the year. To learn more, click here.

How Does PENC Compare To Other Organizations?2019-05-01T19:27:37+00:00

We receive this question often and have put together a helpful comparison chart that can be accessed here. If you have further questions on how we compare to other organizations or would like more details on a specific topic, please contact Alex Cozort at alex@pencweb.org.

How Is PENC Advocating For Me As An Educator?2019-05-01T19:46:11+00:00

PENC has an ongoing presence at the General Assembly, the State Board of Education, the State Retirement System, and the State Health Plan and lobbies actively for members’ priorities. PENC is non-partisan and does not support political parties or political candidates. Instead, we work with all lawmakers and policymakers who are interested in improving public education in North Carolina and supporting educators as professionals. For more details, take a look at PENC’s 2019-2021 Legislative Priorities.

Are There Any Discounts And Deals Available For Members?2019-07-17T20:15:20+00:00

Yes! We work diligently to provide top notch discounts and deal on things like travel, technology, amusement parks and much more. To access a full list of discounts and deals, please click here.

We also partner with AMBA to offer discounts on various supplemental insurance policies, dental and vision plans, extended travel discounts, and much more. If you are a current PENC member, you can access more info on AMBA offerings here.

I’ve Heard That You Offer Scholarships & Grants, Can You Tell Me More About Those Opportunities?2019-05-01T20:06:36+00:00

Supporting our members is top priority for us at PENC and we are thrilled to be able to offer the following scholarship and grant opportunities to our members and children of members. Click HERE to view details and applications our Scholarship & Grants.