August 21, 2015 Legislative Update

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  1. No Budget Yet; Agreement on Spending Target

No Budget Yet; Agreement on Spending Target

There is no resolution to report on the 2015-2017 state budget, H 97The big development on the budget was the announcement on Aug. 18 of an agreement on the final spending target of $21.75 Billion. The News and Observer’s article on the agreement can be seen here. The agreement is problematic for House budget writers as it will cause them to have to find $415 million in reductions from their $22.2 billion spending plan – which included 2 percent pay raises for educators and state employees. The compromise is closer to the Senate’s plan, which spent $21.47 billion and offered only targeted pay raises. PENC sent a letter to lawmakers on Aug. 7 expressing support for raises that worked to correct the salary schedule on a fast track and restored Master’s Degree Pay for subject-specific degrees. You can see that letter here.

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